Tangram Message Board

The site you are about to enter is a tangram message board. Tangram is basically a shape which is made of certain seven polygons or tans. By placing tans next to each other you can try to express yourself to other people (this is basically sort of an artform, but very primitive, so almost anyone can feel like a real artist). You are allowed to give your creation a short name. You also can look at other people's work searching it by author or by name. If you see a tangram with a certain name and you feel like you can do better - or just different - you can quickly add your own tangram with the same name. Hopefully the other author will look at your work and may be inspired to do something else.

To use this site you have to sign up. Well, you can also log in as guest with no password but then your tangrams will exist only as long as someone does not decide to change them.

Note that this site is purely experimental - don't blame me if it crashes and/or goes away. I am not really a tangram fan myself (but tangrams can be fun, especially for children). I've created this site mostly to explore SVG capabilities in making applications like that and hopefully inspire other people.

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Download all SVG and JavaScript on this site. (Servlet code is fairly dirty and I don't want to give people bad example).